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Color Bicone
Ear Wires

Open the gateway to a magical realm with our "Crystal Keys" chandelier earrings. These enchanting pieces meld the intricacy of finely crafted metal key pendants with the magical glow of premium rhinestones and multifaceted AB crystals, narrating a story as ancient and profound as the hidden castles nestled in forest depths.

Crafted for those who see enchantment in everyday life, each key represents an invitation to embark on new quests, a hint of mysteries awaiting unveiling. Allow these earrings to lead you to realms visited only in dreams, domains where fantasy and charm hold sway.


  • Materials: Adorned with sparkling multifaceted AB crystal bicone beads and top-tier rhinestones; Finished with an aged metal look for everlasting elegance.
  • Design: Whimsical key-shaped charms provide a unique spin on the traditional chandelier earrings.
  • Craftsmanship: With painstaking attention to detail, each earring is hand-assembled to ensure flawless dangle and light capture.
  • Symbolism: The keys are emblematic of unveiling new horizons, unraveling mysteries, and discovering concealed riches, resonating with the spirit of exploration and revelation.


The showcased design features multifaceted bicone beads in Crystal AB and components finished in antique bronze, yet custom color selections are available via a dropdown menu. An alternative design with antique silver components is also offered.

Metal Sensitivities:

For those with sensitive skin or metal allergies, I recommend choosing the earrings with custom-crafted ear-wires made from hypoallergenic niobium wire, which are generally safe for all to wear. Based on personal experience, I can attest to the absence of issues with my creations among customers. While I cannot offer a 100% guarantee, especially for those with known sensitivities, I have received no complaints to date.

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