Meet the Maker!

Hey, I’m Nat, the beauty and the brain behind “Wonderlust Emporium” and if you are on this page, you are probably very curious of who I actually am. Well, let’s start with this: I’m a woman of many faces… or should I rather say phases? And I really don’t mean it in a bad way!

Maybe the most important thing you need to know is that I love the process of transformation and consider myself a modern-day alchemist. And it really doesn’t matter if I transform myself, another being or things around me, it also doesn’t matter if in reality or digital – I take an idea that runs through my mind and try to make something beautiful out of it, no matter the medium.

I don’t believe in trends, I believe in style. Trends come and go, and are faster out of fashion than you can spell “bygone”. Rather than chasing something, I strive to create timeless designs that seem to be out of a different era – my “age of wonderlust”.

Reality can be a harsh place for all of us. There is no denial that we have to face it – but it doesn’t need to be dire all the time. With my pieces I try to create pockets of whimsy – a little sparkle here, a tiny shimmer there – to make the world a little more playful and a little less daunting. My creations will not stop war, cure cancer or end word hunger, as much as I’d love to be able to achieve any or all of these noble goals.

But whenever you wear, see, touch or interact otherwise with one of my pieces, I hope that they remind you that you are beautiful, that you are worthy and that you are loved. Every single item went once through my hands, and I try to infuse as much love and light as possible when I am transforming ideas into reality. So if you purchase one of my creations, you purchase, in a way, a piece of me and invite me into your space, which I do so appreciate and honor.

But it’s not just the outcome that brings us both joy, I also love the journey from idea to finished piece – every single step of it. I don’t get bored of adding details, in fact, the more detailed a piece is, the more I can get lost in the process of creation – that is when I enter my zone of genius but also a state of “craft-zen”.

10 random facts about me:

  1. My favorite color is purple – and that influences a lot of my purchase decision
  2. I don’t like coffee – but Chai Tee Latte is amazing
  3. To unwind I like to play a round of Fortnite – I’m not really good at it, but it’s fun
  4. I’m like the moon – with many phases
  5. I love anything Melodic Metal – “Nightfall” by Blind Guardian is a masterpiece
  6. I hoard dice – and no one else is allowed to touch them
  7. I’m obsessed with Deadpool – I even have a Deadpool Chibi tatoo
  8. I rather watch Reels than TikTok – because I’m old
  9. I have three pairs of glasses which I constantly displace – currently only having two pairs at my disposal
  10. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is my all-time favorite song – it’s like the soundtrack of my life

If you want to get in contact, you can shoot me a message here or follow my socials - I try to be as active as I can on Instagram and TikTok

I'd love to hear from you! And I always try to respond to my DMs.