They see me rollin' - Tour Dates 2024

They see me rollin' - Tour Dates 2024

Without further ado I present you all the events I planned to be on in 2024.

Remember: The best shopping experience is always the in-person one! Why? Because I usually bring almost all of my inventory to my booth, so you can see all that I have to offer.

And as an additional bonus, you can touch everything (except my booth helper), try on any headdresses or jewelry pieces and even order a custom piece made just for you!


SoloCon Soloturn, April 13th & 14th
Walpurgismarkt Uster, April 26th - 28th


Fantasy Basel, May 9th - 11th


Chibi Con Winterthur, June 1st & 2nd
LuCon, Messe Luzern, June 8th & 9th
Mittelalterfest Rheinfelden, June 22nd & 23rd


Unision Winterthur, July 13th & 14th
Mittelalterspektakel Schloss zu Münchenwiler, July 26th - 28th 


Zeitreise-Event Volketswil, August 17th & 18th


Zürich PopCon, Messe Zürich
HeroFest, Messe Basel


Yule Market, Schloss Liebegg Gränichen AG

I also made this very fancy tour calendar you can download (or get your printed copy at my booth!)


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