Shop Updates May 2024

Shop Updates May 2024

Hello my lovely Wonderlust Folks,

with this post I just wanted to give you a short and sweet update about what is new in the shop. Please remember that I am currently a one-woman-show, so there might still be some errors and glitches that you might run into while navigating the new site.


There will be more products be added over the next few weeks. I will not be able to have everything I have available at my booth also here in the online shop, but I want to expand my online offers as well. If you feel there is something missing, just shoot me a message and I will try to do my best.


Wonderlust Emporium does speak German! More German translations will be coming over the next week throughout the site. If you have any problems or require assistance, please let me know any time!

All right, that's all for now!

Sending you much love and sparkles


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